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Powerful dark mode. Straightforward pricing. One account - multiple browsers.
Annual subscription - $9/year
A little over 2 cents per day
  • You can use Night Eye on up to 3 browsers with a single subscription
  • Outstanding customer support
  • New features
  • Frequent extension updates
  • Available on all major browsers
Purchase license - $40
Pay once and use it forever.
  • The license allows you to use Night Eye on up to 10 browsers.
  • Outstanding customer support
  • New features
  • Frequent extension updates
  • Available on all major browsers
Night Eye Lite - FREE
Free forever!
  • Enable dark mode on nearly any website
  • Limited to 5 websites of your choosing
  • Frequent extension updates
  • Available on all major browsers
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Why do you need account?
Subscribe or activate
To continue using Night Eye, you need to subscribe or activate the extension. You can do that within you account management page.
Use Night Eye on all your browsers
Night Eye subscription allows you to use the extension across up to 3 or 10 browsers on any of your devices. By creating the account, you will be able to manage them.
Secure and passwordless login
One of our core values is to ask for the absolute minimum when it comes to personal data. The only piece of personal information that is necessary to create an account is an email.
Why is Night Eye paid?
We get that question quite a lot... People are voting for Night Eye across all stores with 1 star just because there is a small annual subscription.
We will try to answer it here, so that you can decide whether a paid browser extension is something you are ok with or not.
Every piece of software, including browser extensions, needs to be maintained and further developed. This means that at least one person will be spending her or his time doing meaningful work on it - fixing issues, adding new features, answering to the users problems and etc. This is not only a never-ending cycle, but the workload also increases with more users adopting the software. In order to sustain this process, funding is required.
There are two major routes that can be taken
1. Free - The user pays nothing and enjoys the software at no additional cost. In reality, the user is paying more than just couple of bucks a month/year since their are either been fed with ads or their data is being sold to third parties.
2. Paid - The user pays small fee and in return receives decent customer support, continuous development and a stream of new features that are being added to the product.
We are marching on the second route for 2 main reasons
- We hate ads so why would we even consider putting them in our extension?
- We prefer to get paid for focusing on the development of the product and helping its users to get the most of it.